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Real-time digital campaigning and personalisation platform

The easiest and fastest personalisation platform on the market. Guaranteed.

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A platform for all your personalisation needs

Symposeum is a real-time personalisation platform that empowers web content owners and marketers to experiment with content, personalise the customer experience and run campaigns on the web.

Symposeum allows you to easily create and deploy A/B tests and Multivariate tests to an existing website. No changes to the original source page are necessary.

Want to see if the position and colour of that button on your homepage effects the clickthrough rate? Want to assess how effective different layouts are for your web application?

Maybe you already use a campaigning solution for email and SMS targeting and want your website to deliver an experience consistent with your other campaign channels.

Symposeum is the answer. See it in action.


Totally cloud based

Symposeum is a Platform-as-a-Service. The only HTML you need to add to your site is a single <script> tag. Web 2.0 applications using Angular, React, Ember etc. are also no problem.


Only want a campaign to trigger under specific conditions? Want to run custom Javascript as part of your personalisation? No problem! Symposeum is designed from the ground up to be flexible

Page tracking & reporting

Symposeum tracks visitors across your site and allows you to profile them based on their behaviour. It also comes with many easy-to-use reports.

Integrate with existing campaign platforms

Use an existing campaigning solution to create individual treatments such as SAS CI or IBM Unica. Upload a CSV and let Symposeum serve up personalised content for customers.

Easy A/B and MVTs

Symposeum has a friendly UI that guides you through page layout and content experimentation and campaign configuration. Only minimal HTML knowledge is required.



Personalise your visitor and customer experience by running campaigns and personalisations that align to current and long-term digital behaviours, as well as detail you already know about your customers.


Personalise your customers’ web experience in minutes

Getting started is simple. Simply add a single script
tag in your base layout HTML file, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll instantly start seeing your visitors logged in Symposeum. From there, you can create personalisations or MVT/AB tests using the simple interface.

We allow you to start classifying your visitors using the criteria of your choosing. If you’ve already got a web tracking and personalisation engine like Celebrus, we can also integrate Symposeum with that too!

From there, built-in reports allow you to see how your campaigns are tracking.

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