Taking Back the Power of your Data

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Taking Back the Power of your Data. Digital Marketers are being faced with a increasingly large problem. “As online advertising is projected to hit $77 billion in 2017, bots are directly responsible for fraudulently taking tens of millions of dollars from marketers every day, undermining fundamental trust in the industry. The meteoric rise of fake traffic [...]

How to Optimize your Lead Generation Efforts?

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3 Methods to Optimize Lead Generation For businesses that have an extensive buyers journey, this process is crucial, driving potential consumers through the funnel; a prerequisite to effective, targeted, marketing and nurturing efforts.  In such a competitive environment how does one business separate it from another. Here is a short list of 3 proven methods [...]

Netflix and A/B Testing Culture

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Netflix and A/B Testing Culture I myself thought I'd read all the articles possible concerning A/B Testing, it's importance hollowed out, I stumble upon notes taken by Daniel Frankel of FierceCable reporting on Gabriella Mirabelli's most recent presentation. It concerns the testing methods peak importance in the multi-channel world. Today, choice is abundant. Especially in [...]