Marie Claire – A Case Study

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Marie Claire - A Case Study One fact that is well established in this field is the importance of using the product we provide to minimalise the complexity. Pacific Magazines has recently unveiled a new digital experience for Compare the two below. Over time it is clear, using the world internet archive known as [...]

A/B Testing Your Creative and Copy: The Good, The Bad, and The Best Practices

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WHY FOCUS JUST ON CREATIVE AND COPY? Any digital advertiser knows that A/B testing is a requirement when you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth on your ads. We’re not here to dispute the fact that A/B testing audience segments or landing pages are valuable to finding your best return. What often [...]

Solving usability problems and not just pleasing the marketing team!

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Solving usability problems and not just pleasing  the marketing team It’s tempting to rush into a new conversion rate optimisation project, but keep in mind that the goal of a/b testing is to solve usability problems, and not to please the marketing team. Conversion rate optimisation is the relative new kid on the block when [...]

How to fix bots messing with your data

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How to fix bots messing with your data What’s the problem? Bots, today, now make up a vast amount of online traffic, interfering with the results of digital marketers. “As online advertising is projected to hit $77 billion in 2017, bots are directly responsible for fraudulently taking tens of millions of dollars from marketers every [...]

A/B Testing take the guessing out of email optimisation.

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A/B Testing take the guessing out of email optimisation. 75% of people online shopping end up abandoning their carts. Retailers can potentially recover these potential purchases with the use of email reminders. Klaviyo explains. “Abandoned carts make ecommerce stores a ton of money,” says Phil Weltman, content marketing manager at Klaviyo. "Abandoned carts is one [...]

How to test your landing pages

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Where to start? What should I put first? You must do a number of things before starting the A/B test. First, choose a high priority page. That is a bottom of the funnel offer like a demo request. Second, look for statistically significant results. Do not prematurely choose a test winner. Over time, choose the [...]

The Native Chronicles: Flexibility and A/B Testing

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The Native Chronicles: Flexibility and A/B Testing The term “set it and forget it” is anathema to digital advertising. Whether it’s a homepage takeover, pre-roll video, or a private marketplace, no campaign is simply set up, pushed out into the Internet, and then left to fend for itself. Regardless of format, the best digital advertising [...]

3 Great A/B Tests to Drive First Transactions

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3 Great A/B Tests to Drive First Transactions There’s a strong argument nothing is more important than the first transaction on mobile. It’s a big claim, so probably worth breaking down a little. Let’s start with the fact that the mobile app is by now (it’s nearly 2018 remember) the place where the consumer / brand [...]

11 Tips For When You’re Not Getting Engagement On Quality Content

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11 Tips For When You're Not Getting Engagement On Quality Content You write a lot of quality content hoping that it will succeed in generating engagement. If you're experiencing a lack of engagement on your quality content, you now need to implement a promotion and distribution strategy. The operations that you practice post-publication are extremely important [...]