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Challenge your site design with AB testing

Symposeum AB testing enables you to compare two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better.

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AB Testing

Experiment to reveal better performing customer experiences

Symposeum’s AB testing allows you to experiment with page layouts and design at any stage along the customer journey; automatically and discretely redirecting visitors to different variations of your page or app.



Deliver a test when it counts with built-in and fully customisable triggers, including browser, URL, cookie, long-term visitor behaviour and a variety of other dimensions. You’re in complete control.


As a customers’ situation changes, so too should their experience. Symposeum’s real-time personalisation engine can make new decisions about which tests to run at pre-defined levels, including cookie, session, page and much more. Show your customers that you’re paying attention to their needs.



Performance is measured by the achievement of goals. Configure one or more goals in Symposeum AB testing to capture target customer behaviours, interactions and outcomes, and they’ll be linked and automatically attributed to the test.


Simply specify the URL for each variation of your page or app, and visitors will be redirected to one of the pages with the distribution you specify. Your pages are hosted by your current CMS, so there’s no need to worry about having content in more than one place.

Split test


With a clear and straightforward summary of performance, identify the variation achieving the highest conversion by goal and you may have a new champion. Keep challenging your design until you find the perfect one.

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