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Hi there! We’re Symposeum.

Symposeum is the most powerful and flexible real-time digital campaigning and personalisation platform.

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A little bit about us

Symposeum is the most powerful and flexible digital real-time campaigning and personalisation platform, enabling businesses to deliver experiments and engaging experiences across web and mobile. Symposeum enables digital teams to experiment with content, while marketing engage through personalisations, controlling the full digital customer experience.

The platform empowers the business to take control over the organisations most important inbound channel by easily bringing traditionally offline campaigns to online web and mobile. The disconnected online-offline customer experience is completely removed with Symposeum, by treating digital as another channel on which to execute campaigns. Symposeum’s unique approach to identifying visitors, mapping to target groups and delivering the marketing message makes it easy and quick to deploy campaigns.

At Symposeum, we’re all about creating unique digital customer experiences. And we won’t stop continuously evolving our solution to serve you better. You know your customer. We’re here to help you reach them in new and exciting ways, observe how they interact with you and create opportunities to learn and grow.

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