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Experiment with multiple elements and find the right design

Symposeum multivariate testing is the quickest and easiest way to experiment with multiple page elements to find the winning combo.

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multivariate testing

Experiment to reveal better performing customer experiences

Symposeum’s Multivariate test allows you to change multiple page element variations at a time, while visitors are obliviously participating in the experiments by automatically being served all permutations discretely. See it in action.


Run multivariate testing on any element, and any number of elements on your site without a single tag or line of markup. Yep, it’s that simple.

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Point & Click Configuration

Don’t have a deep understanding of HTML. Don’t worry! With Symposeum’s simple point-and-click wizard you can create and configure element variations without relying on a developer.

Element & Variation Actions

Add, remove, replace, change an attribute or style, or run custom code – you’re in full control of the content variations you want to take effect for each page element.


Symposeum’s real-time decision engine will automatically create and serve tests – made up of every permutation of elements and variations configured in the experiment.


Deliver a test when it counts with built-in and fully customisable triggers, including browser, URL, cookie, long-term visitor behaviour and a variety of other dimensions. You’re in complete control.



As a customers’ situation changes, so too should their experience. Symposeum’s real-time personalisation engine can make new decisions about which tests to run at pre-defined levels, including cookie, session, page and much more. Show your customers that you’re paying attention to their needs.


Performance is measured by the achievement of goals. Configure one or more goals in Symposeum AB testing to capture target customer behaviours, interactions and outcomes, and they’ll be linked and automatically attributed to the test.

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