3 Methods to Optimize Lead Generation

For businesses that have an extensive buyers journey, this process is crucial, driving potential consumers through the funnel; a prerequisite to effective, targeted, marketing and nurturing efforts.  In such a competitive environment how does one business separate it from another. Here is a short list of 3 proven methods to follow.

1. A/B testing, Continuously!

This is of course number one on the list. Do not underestimate this as a minor part of your business model. Via the use of such a/b testing tools such as our own, one can gather useful data to further help nudge potential consumers down the funnel towards a conversion. Note, no digital campaign is perfect, adjustments can always be made to better help facilitate your audience’s needs.

For example, you might be converting at lower than average industry level rates. Start with a good a/b testing tool and test various elements of your landing page. If any creative decisions need to be made in the future, only do so using external data from consumers.

2. Social Media Activity

Over the years, lead generation is no longer just bound to the your website. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook now allow for one to promote their own content through ads strategically placed throughout the site. Other networks will eventually follow this trend.

‘Facebook’s Lead Ads, for example, allow users to click a button on your ad and be redirected to a form on the network. That form auto fills information from their profile, and feeds it into your database automatically upon submission. Twitter’s Lead Gen Cards operate in a similar fashion, though only the prospect’s name and email will be captured. LinkedIn is rumored to follow suit in early 2017’.

Taking advantage of lead generation can be incredibly useful. It reduces friction. It removes an entire step from the process — during which step a potential consumer may change their mind. Also note, that auto filling may also give one more usable data concerning the consumer. More data than they would have provided given they filled out the form themselves.

3. Build Gated Content

Inbound marketing is being quickly renounced as the most effective digital marketing model. It’s core is about generating inbound leads on your website. Following the reciprocity principle — these leads sign up to provide value in return. If you offer value, leads will soon come.

Gated content is an ingenious way to taking full advantage of this model. It’s all about offering exclusives, such as eBooks, vouchers and newsletters. The aim is to ‘gate’ this content, keep it safe behind the sign up form. You must communicate the unique value of this content effectively — to which the potential consumer will provide their information in return.

Another really useful form of exclusive media you can offer is Webinar’s. This is an advanced form of gated content. It entices the audience to register in exchange for topics concerning their particular interests and industry. Find a topic, discuss it for 30-40 minutes, and allow your audience to ask questions.

A 2015 study by eMarketer found these webinar’s to be the second most effective digital marketing technique, behind recorded video. Depending on the topic , they can be used to either generate leads or to nurture existing leads towards qualification.

Webinar’s can also be effective beyond their initial live air date. After you hold a webinar, simply convert it to a recorded video. It then become the most effective type of marketing content. Then add it to your extensive back log of gated content.

Building reliable lead generation may seem difficult. It doesn’t have to be. There are various proven methods and models that you can follow in order to generate a steady flow of contacts to the database, eventually converting your marketing efforts to relevant leads.

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