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Deliver individualised content and unique customer experiences

Symposeum Personalisation allows you to campaign to web and mobile the same way you would email and SMS

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Customers expect tailored experiences when they interact with you

Personalisation campaigns allow you to tailor customer experiences by capturing and mapping visitor identifiers to target lists and delivering personalised content. Use what you know about your customers’ offline to tailor the user experience online.

Contact Lists

Symposeum is your channel for digital personalisation. Step one is the creation of your customer target lists. Each customer in the list can have one or more treatment indicators and personalisation tags. Typically these target lists will be created in the same way marketing automation does for email and sms campaigns.


Today, just upload customer contact lists the old fashioned way, but we’re really excited to soon release integrations to popular Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation solutions out-of-the-box.

Visitor Attributes and Matching

You can capture any number of visitor attributes, some of which may uniquely identify a customer – a customer number, email, mobile. One or more visitor attributes can be mapped to contact lists when configuring a personalisation campaign.

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Apply personalisations for any element on your site without a single tag or line of markup

Point & Click Configuration

Using simple point-and-click, create and configure element personalisations without relying on a developer.

Element & Personalisation Actions

Add, remove, replace, change an attribute or style, or run custom code – you’re in full control of the personalisations you want to take effect.


Any value from the contact list can be included in content, a bit like a mail-merge, making it possible to serve completely individualised messages to your customers. Address your customers by name, serve unique offer codes and targeted creative – the same way you would in email and SMS.



Deliver a personalisation when it counts with built-in and fully customisable triggers, including browser, URL, cookie, long-term visitor behaviour and a variety of other dimensions.


As a customers’ situation changes, so too should their experience. Symposeum’s real-time decision engine can make new decisions at defined levels, including cookie, session, page and much more.



Performance is measured by the achievement of an outcome. Goals are configured to capture desired customer engagement interactions, which are linked and automatically attributed to a personalisation.

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